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Laptop - With Stickers, Sliced

What we have here is a laptop with stickers, sliced. The laptop was the corporate assignment, I had to dispense with the unit recently. What I was attempting to do, by covering it in such stickers, is to attempt to control the corporate life I was living. The stickers meant something to me in different ways, some just represented fun work experiences I’ve had or something else entirely (like knowing “Big Bone Lick” is a real place that will make adults giggle motivated me to affix that one)....

July 23, 2022

Why 4QQ.Org, Why Now, Why Ever?  [draft]

Why are we here and why are you? Lately, to be perfectly, to be perfectly honest I’ve been driven to do something. I am awake often, unsettled, unsure of what I’m doing or where I’m going. As I write this it cannot be understated that the whole world seems very much unsure of the next place we may be going. Uncertainty died two years ago, humans were growing very comfortable - now they mostly wander, wondering and hoping to figure things out....

June 27, 2022