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When you're gone, your toots might be all that's left of you!

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I heard Biden will seize the means of production.

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We're in this together. And by together I mean bitterly alone.

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It's not about the - it's about the feeling.

PS: It's dab time.

Ah but it was you that was the extremist @pink (this means nothing but hello)

One time I thought you had to change yourself to fit in. Instead I found you need to change the crowd

Your daily : It'll feel magical when it's working

The total deaths for St. Johns county are 154 and the total deaths for sits at: 25,693. There are 17,492 cases confirmed viral in St. Johns and the total COVID cases in FL is 1,344,147 - this is an toot

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12 years ago today I was childless.

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here's one of the guys they picked up at the airport

looks like his initial flight was turned around due to his behaviour drawing the attention of airport police who then noticed the guy when scrolling his instagram feed

real smooth criminals

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A pulled chest muscle and coughs are a bad combo, I feel like I'm tearing my lungs

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just pulled off a classic ADHD power move:
- put the kettle on
- do something else
- forget that the kettle is on
- freak out about the sound

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"Google workers across the world are coming together to form a global union alliance. The newly formed coalition, called Alpha Global, is comprised of 13 different unions representing workers in 10 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland."

Some fucking good news, at last

Literally now is the moment - and if we miss it the bosses will win

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