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me: hey google, whats the current moon phase?

google: go outside

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We did a double earlier and ate some - it's a slow moving day.

Okay fans, I'm half an album in, I get it.

My buddy keeps trying to get me into so I'm going to listen to it all in order starting today. So far it's just background music and not too bad at that.

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love that crabs go sideways. that's what i'd do if i was them.

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it's almost as if the government uses the spectre of "left radicalism" as a boogeyman to justify its authoritarianism and brutality against its "citizens"


I wish it were dab time but instead it's low profile and time.

My son is playing a game where they ring a bell about every 1.4 seconds - and sometimes they miss it - and it drives me insane.

I'm now getting to be exhausted from the salts

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Our family dog brings me such joy!

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