This tastes like a wonderful flower, maybe a lily.

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@John me too, I clearly refer to it often but no one ever knows!

@pink There is a Cheers scene too that references it, I wouldn't do it justice here, I'll have to find it sometime.

@John another fun fact for you of things you didn’t know, I have like 5-6 far side books from the 90s. They’re absolutely amazing.

@pink I bet you I bought all those books for my mom, they are great. Fkn love this shit, I was raised on it.

@John aww me too, next time I see you I’ll show you, my best friend and I were obsessed with it..memorizing it. 🥰

@pink you have to, this is one of my favorite scenes ever in a show!

@John lol but I’m watching a very Brady movie right now (don’t ask)

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