I love dabs and I love these dabs by Buckeye Relief. Their live - in my opinion - crushes all other forms of . It's held up very well compared to what the dispensary bud tender called the best rosin in the store.

This one, , a hybrid, hits strong and delivers a fast punch in the face after hitting the throat and chest.

The first hit off this blew my face off. Great smoke profile, nice and white.

For my money the best around is still from Buckeye Relief.

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I've not been a big flower smoker lately so it is hard to give an objective review since it's not a .

I can say out of the jar I love the lime-diesel smell it exhibits. It's a soft bud that breaks up easily, peeling off and crumbling both.

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I almost created a double by going back to the well for more - this week might end before it starts.


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