I'm mad at the boss so it's an extra special time.

It's time with some some live from Buckeye Relief called

We did a double earlier and ate some - it's a slow moving day.

They say a will do ya, but I think you need tons of dabs!

I guess Martian gets capitalized, it is a planet after all with a proper name. I guess the dope is working like it should because even this doesn't make sense to me.

Why are we even here? Are we alone? Am I alone?

After a few hits I have to say this stuff works, but it's not which I ❤️ It hits strong and does the job. It's certainly not a bad time.

Overall: 3/5
It's just not as good as NYCFLO and others I enjoyed, I wished for more with White Papaya, but maybe next time?

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It's and time! Today we have some nice to try instead of the live we've been smoking on so we're in for an experience!

Up today is White Papaya Live Rosin from Scientific. I love their vape carts, they are clearly the leader in carts. We'll see how their rosin stacks up.

Everything is dark and dreary, time for a .

Good morning world! It's time for a quick to start the day right.

It's not about the - it's about the feeling.

PS: It's dab time.

It's time with -- this is some dark dank.

Shhhh.... it's time but we have to be really quiet. Everyone's sleeping in.

I'm so tired from that last time about an hour ago!

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