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@FuchsiaShock sorry part of the straight agenda you've been warned so much about. the schism is if we participate in the war on christmas or not, it's really a heavy split to the straights

@DanHakimi It takes a lot of work to federate, you have to blindly follow a lot of people to be honest. And that's how I got blocked in my first 24 hours, following bad instances (though I found the people to be good) or the wrong speech. There are tons of issues here but to be honest, I think I like the people more. Strangers engage more frequently on a real level (even if fighting!) and that's more valuable here to me.

@DanHakimi @clayogra @pink it's trending because X people mentioned it over Y days - there just isn't the critical mass on Mastodon and federation hurts. This is why I do cross-instance posts like this, to show my users (and me) what's popular elsewhere. I actually wish more instances would let me ping the API, which keeps the count internally, but many require you to be logged in and my bots only set to make an unauthenticated API call (and I don't want more logins)

12 years ago today I was childless.

@EmmaTheTrans @Gargron oh duh.... I see, and there are a lot less, nothing with logo, mastodon, verified in the names sorry

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here's one of the guys they picked up at the airport

looks like his initial flight was turned around due to his behaviour drawing the attention of airport police who then noticed the guy when scrolling his instagram feed

real smooth criminals

@EmmaTheTrans @Gargron I can search them from mine - and you should be seeing the mastodon logo it looks like!

@EmmaTheTrans You need an admin to add it, that's true... and i'm not sure who is running things on the world's biggest mastodon instance

@EmmaTheTrans Sorry, if I had an account there I'd find the emoji for you - you don't seem to have it.

:verified: might work!

The top trending tag on this instance is now

@EmmaTheTrans Like you did, by referencing the emoji - but on my instance I've pulled in the custom emoji from another server.

:mastodon: works for me


@EmmaTheTrans @Novimatrem i recommend blue raspberry - that flavor invented by Pop Tarts - it's amazing stuff vaped


@Novimatrem you can absolutely get that and menthol flavors that have no drugs but that cool flavor has some bad lung side effects i hear like popcorn lung

@DanHakimi @clayogra @pink

And honestly, let me apologize. I frankly took your misunderstanding, of what I thought was obvious, as the first salvo at attempting to troll. Maybe it's just not that obvious and I'm sorry. From there, being that trolls are abound, I just assumed you wanted to argue πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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