I wish it were dab time but instead it's low profile and time.

@pink I just like they find people who have their dad's name

@pink I like them because they're already broken

@pink you're just loose, like all undead girls

My son is playing a game where they ring a bell about every 1.4 seconds - and sometimes they miss it - and it drives me insane.

@pink i would like to watch this movie though! can't we do a watch party with amazon prime?

@pink idk but i'm off wow until tomorrow i think

I'm now getting to be exhausted from the salts



let me know how it is, i've been disappointed with edibles lately!

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Our family dog brings me such joy!

@gudenau @sasha_sorokin just mean the gloves will come off, kids will google "minecraft hax" and get owned soon... your launcher isn't the issue. their crm wedge drives people to hack the client which will lead to issues.

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