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The total deaths for St. Johns county are 186 and the total deaths for sits at: 30,339. There are 19,835 cases confirmed viral in St. Johns and the total COVID cases in FL is 1,492,000 - this is an toot

We have authored 12301 statuses on this server and are federated with 3520 instances. This is an message

I just bought my son, who has never flown, a first class ticket to the beach this summer.

Still feeling good from those dang on mushrooms. Thank god

Paparazzi expose the inside workings of stuxhost operated by the notorious web dealer @stux and others.

Hey @pink the bestseller in hardback fiction is now THE FOUR WINDS by Kristin Hannah - As dust storms roll during the Great Depression, Elsa must choose between saving the family and farm or heading West.

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