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"Sometimes we need to establish which God wins over another," Zeus said.
"Traditionally, this meant war," Odin said.
"Which we realised is wasteful."
"Instead we ask a small child to set us a challenge."
I nodded. "Which is why you walk backwards with a tortoise on your head?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The total deaths for St. Johns county are 186 and the total deaths for sits at: 30,434. There are 19,835 cases confirmed viral in St. Johns and the total COVID cases in FL is 1,495,704 - this is an toot

We have authored 12396 statuses on this server and are federated with 3522 instances. This is an message

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I think employers should be sending applications to me instead

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Please reply with recommended precautions to take when Ohio invades the rest of the states.

promo for a friend, boosts welcome! Hip-hop, Midwest sound transformed to Southern CA. Very unique, check him out.

I've not tooted about 120 times. This is not an toot

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i feel like if i was able to roar like a jurassic park t-rex id just be handling life better

Though I did flip a coin today to see if I've leave town. It came up heads, I should have left.

I can see 4 paths to life, and I'm only able to take one.

Morale will improve as the beatings cease

I'm still afraid to fly in June/July ... will they figure their shit out by then?

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I'm not tripping balls right now! 😢

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