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This server is a open speech zone, more or less. Your speech might be tolerated but your views may not be. For that you might not be banned but you might be told to leave at the very least. Bans are not impossible, certainly we do not invite the kind of speech that is illegal in nature and incites felonious activities.

There is to be no privacy policy. Your posts are your own. You take full credit, risk and injury for all posts submitted through this instance. This instance reserves the right to log, track, cookie and encrypt any and all information it sees fit to perform it's functions.

Beyond no promises of privacy there are no promises of protections. We are enabling your freely expressed opinion but we do not stand to protect your opinion. This is your job - the user must perform in a way to protect their own rights as they see fit. This instance will not do it for you.

Please do have fun, toot often and respect the instance.