The Genesis of Creation: A Guiding Narrative


In Radical Christianity, we approach the story of creation as told in Genesis with a profound reverence for its underlying truths while acknowledging that it may not be to be taken as a literal account. We understand that, through the passage of time and oral tradition, the details may have evolved, but the core message remains invaluable. The essence of this teaching is that “in the beginning, there was nothing.” It is through the divine will of God that the universe, life, and humanity came into existence. This belief serves as the foundation for our understanding of our place in the world and our relationship with God.

1. The Divine Act of Creation:

The Genesis narrative teaches us that the universe, the Earth, and all living things are creations of God. We firmly believe in the truth that God initiated the act of creation. The universe didn’t exist by chance or accident but was brought into being through the deliberate choice of God, who desired to share existence with other beings or sought out his own answers in this act - we may never know this in our lifetimes, but this is okay, maybe we are not capable or meant to know.

2. Compatibility with Scientific Theories:

While we cherish the Genesis account, we acknowledge that scientific theories of creation also hold validity. These scientific explanations may provide insights into the processes by which the world and life emerged. However, they may not answer the ultimate question of why we were created, a mystery that God keeps to Himself.

3. The Realm of Philosophy and Metaphysics:

We recognize that the question of why we were created is a profound one that transcends the realm of empirical facts. It delves into the philosophical and metaphysical domains, where various interpretations and perspectives exist. We understand that God’s truth, conveyed through the story of creation, offers us a different kind of knowledge—an understanding of the deeper meaning and purpose of our existence.

4. The Search for Meaning:

Humanity’s journey through life is marked by a quest for meaning in a seemingly indifferent world. The knowledge of good and evil, symbolized in the Genesis narrative, represents our transition from innocence to self-awareness. We have been searching for answers ever since, seeking to make sense of our existence in a world that often appears devoid of inherent meaning.

5. Unique Paths to Revelation:

In Radical Christianity, we embrace the idea that God reveals different messages to each of us according to our individual journeys. These messages help us navigate the complexities of life and find our own unique sense of purpose. We uphold that these diverse paths to revelation should be respected and not subjected to unwarranted criticism.


The story of creation in Genesis, with its fundamental message that “in the beginning, there was nothing,” reminds us that we exist solely through the divine will of God. While scientific theories offer valuable insights into the mechanisms of creation, they may not address the profound questions of purpose and meaning.

As Radical Christians, we cherish the truths offered by the Genesis narrative while recognizing the beauty of philosophical and metaphysical explorations.

We invite all to join us in this pursuit of truth, embracing the mystery of creation and seeking a deeper understanding of God’s divine plan for each of us.