The Trinity:

We affirm the doctrine of the Trinity as a central mystery of our faith. We believe that the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit are three expressions of one divine nature that transcends human comprehension. As finite beings, we acknowledge our limitations in fully understanding this divine mystery. While we may gain greater insight into this truth upon death and union with God, we humbly recognize that our earthly understanding remains incomplete.

We emphasize that the intricate details of the Trinity, while significant, should not divert our focus from the divine nature itself. Instead, we encourage seekers of truth to approach each aspect of the Trinity in a way that resonates with their unique spiritual journey:

  • Seeking Forgiveness: We look to Jesus Christ, the Son, as the embodiment of divine love and forgiveness. Through His teachings and sacrifice, we find the path to reconciliation and forgiveness.

  • Guidance and Empowerment: The Holy Spirit empowers us in our daily lives, providing guidance, inspiration, and strength. In moments of decision, competition, play, or work, we turn to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment.

  • Ultimate Questions: Questions about the purpose of life, the mysteries of existence, and the divine plan are entrusted to God the Father. We acknowledge that these profound inquiries may remain beyond our human comprehension, and we seek solace and trust in the divine providence of the Father.

In summary, our belief in the Trinity underscores the complexity of the divine nature, which we approach with humility and reverence. While we may not fully grasp this mystery in our earthly existence, we embrace the opportunity to seek guidance and inspiration from each aspect of the Trinity according to our spiritual needs and circumstances. Ultimately, our faith centers on the divine nature itself, which transcends human understanding and calls us to a deeper relationship with God.