Hundreds of Jan. 6 Cases

At the heart of the Jan. 6 investigation are the cases against the riot suspects.

Highlights & Quick Facts

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Below are exact quotes from the article, in order of apperance.

  • People from all 50 states have been prosecuted.
  • Most are white men from middle- or working-class backgrounds, but there are also women, Hispanic people, Black people.
  • A lot have military backgrounds.
  • There are also professional people, which is unusual for an event involving far-right extremism: doctors, a State Department aide, business owners,
  • people who flew there on a private jet.
  • Most have been charged with misdemeanors and have gotten little to no prison time.
  • Others have been charged with assaulting police officers or damaging government property.
  • And a few hundred people have been charged with obstructing Congress’ certification that day of the Electoral College vote.
  • About 350 defendants have pleaded guilty, and more than 200 have been sentenced.
  • About half a dozen have gotten four years or more, and two have gotten more than seven years.
  • The government is still arresting people, and prosecutors estimate around 2,000 could ultimately face charges.


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