What we have here is a laptop with stickers, sliced. The laptop was the corporate assignment, I had to dispense with the unit recently. What I was attempting to do, by covering it in such stickers, is to attempt to control the corporate life I was living. The stickers meant something to me in different ways, some just represented fun work experiences I’ve had or something else entirely (like knowing “Big Bone Lick” is a real place that will make adults giggle motivated me to affix that one).

What really this was, a suppression of the true feelings I had. Corporate life can actually be fun, very rewarding, and can pay well if you’re a total jerk and know how to lie more than apply yourself. But it doesn’t fulfill the soul, it actually robs you of it. In wanting to preserve my soul, having traded it for a fancy car, I used stickers to cover up the destruction of the self.

The individual was dying, he was sacrified for a really nice car. This was not just to cover up he once existed as a vibrant human with hopes and dreams of his own, it was a way to give him a new life.

Life, is interesting. In it, there are actually many deaths. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the tiny death - the most of all. It’s the best of them all and why we’re here. I, however, digress. Being unable to acheieve such heights actually cutting up and destorying, in kind, the corporate laptop it is now on display here for you on the internet to enjoy. The look itself, sometimes, meant something even seeing how terrible it actually looks.

It was unique, it was under my control - things I wanted to be, but I was unable to become in such a world.

Diagram below: Related, source of your problems, my problems, and the plague that’s been upon this world since the word “free” was first used in a political way: That we are only free in a world without debt.

              │clothing││food││shelter││health││love││reproductive freedom│
              |          Trappings of "Modern Life"               │
              │          "MONEY"        │
              │         DEBT           │
                     │          coinage          │
              │   ¡WAR    NEED!  │
              │            Leader's will to power               │
              ┌▽─────────────────┐┌▽─────┐| ┌▽───────────────┐┌▽─────┐
              │Self actualization││Esteem│| │Love & Belonging││Safety│
              └──────────────────┘└──────┘| └────────────────┘└──────┘
                     │          SLAVE  THINGS          │
              │clothing││food││shelter││health││love││reproductive freedom│


Your’s Truely,

Crazy Lazy

PS: Look for me coming to YouTube soon!