This is a quick logical flow for reaching ideal states of things. This is an exercise to relay to someone and to quickly map out my mental picture, based on a conversation I’ve had and not to be considered a final product, just a peek into my mind garden.


Image of mermaid diagram


How to Rebuild

WakeUp --> HaveVision:Develop a Vision
HaveVision --> Coveting:Unhappy
HaveVision --> CritiqueCurrent:Why Change?
CritiqueCurrent --> DevelopActionPlan:Relax Anxiety
DevelopActionPlan --> IncrementalImprovements:Find Paths
IncrementalImprovements --> MoreMotivation:Happier
MoreMotivation --> HaveVision:NewIdeas
Coveting --> HaveVision:Unhappy

  • #CleanMeUp/rename

This should be considered a #Stub, and may or may not receive updates in the future.