Radical Christianity: The Message of Radical Love and Peace


In a world often marked by conflict and division, we proudly proclaim ourselves as “Radical Christians.” Our radical message is not one of extremism or aggression; rather, it is a message rooted in the transformative power of love and peace. Our faith community aligns closely with the Quakers and their steadfast commitment to non-violence. We believe that, in a world yearning for reconciliation, only love has the capacity to subvert the forces of war, hatred, and famine.

Radical Love and Peace: Our Core Beliefs:

  1. Love for Every Living Creature:

    We begin with a profound belief that every living thing is a creation of God and, as such, holds intrinsic value and sacredness. Our love extends to every creature on this Earth, recognizing the divine presence within all. Just as God created the heavens and the earth, He created every living being, and our duty is to honor and protect that divine creation.

  2. Protecting the Divine Image:

    We believe that all individuals, regardless of their actions or beliefs, bear the divine image of God. As such, we hold a solemn responsibility to protect and uphold the dignity of every human being. No matter the sin or transgression, our unwavering commitment to forgiveness and compassion echoes the teachings of Jesus, who showed us the way to redemption through love.

  3. Cooperation and Support:

    Our message is one of cooperation and mutual support. We are bound by a shared vision of a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, a world where love and peace reign supreme. To achieve this, we recognize the necessity of sharing, cooperating, and supporting one another in our journey toward spiritual growth and societal transformation.

  4. Forgiveness as the Path:

    Forgiveness is at the heart of our radical message. Just as Jesus forgave those who wronged Him, we aspire to emulate His boundless capacity for forgiveness. It is through forgiveness that we break the cycle of hatred and vengeance, forging a path toward reconciliation and healing.

Compliance with the Universe: The Power of Love:

In embracing radical love and peace, we align ourselves with the very fabric of the universe itself. We understand that, as humans, our unique capability is to love. It is through love that we can mend broken hearts, bridge divides, and heal the wounds of the world. Love is our response to the divine call to be co-creators of a world where justice, compassion, and harmony prevail.


Our message is radical in its simplicity—a call to love unconditionally, forgive boundlessly, and work tirelessly for a world where peace and compassion reign. We invite you to join us on this radical journey, where the power of love can truly transform hearts, minds, and societies. Together, we can create a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, where every living being is cherished, and the radical message of love and peace prevails.