Embodying Radical Christianity: Living the Message of Love and Compassion

The Meaning

To be a Radical Christian is to be unwavering in our commitment to embody the teachings and messages of Jesus Christ. It means living these values on Earth, here and now, with an unshakable dedication to the path of love, compassion, and forgiveness. In a world often marked by strife and discord, Radical Christianity calls us to extend our forgiveness, compassion, and love to all, even those we may perceive as the most hardened of hearts.

Radical Forgiveness: Beyond Boundaries:

At the core of our faith lies radical forgiveness—an act that knows no boundaries. We don’t limit our forgiveness to those close to us or those we favor; we extend it to all, even those who may seem irredeemable. It is through these acts of forgiveness that we can reach out to even the darkest corners of humanity. We understand that it is only through compassion and love that we can confront and ultimately conquer evil and the horrors that can beset our world.

A Commitment to Non-Violence:

Radical Christianity embraces non-violence as a guiding principle. We firmly believe that there are no circumstances where we should harm another human being. In the face of extreme threats, we raise our hands in defense only after seeking the guidance of God Himself. We hold fast to the belief that nothing is so broken that it cannot be mended, resolved, or reconciled through kind words, love, and a message of peace.

The Root of Evil:

When we witness evil in the world, we understand that it begins with a departure from God’s eternal message of love. The first step toward addressing and eradicating evil is to realign ourselves with the path of love and compassion, the path that Jesus illuminated for us.

Helping Our Fellow Human Beings:

We are here to support our fellow human beings, just as Adam was given a companion. Our very existence on this Earth is a testament to the idea that we are meant to live and thrive together. When we veer away from these principles, suffering becomes boundless. Yet, if we adhere to the golden rule—doing unto others as we wish they do unto us—life on Earth can mirror the kingdom of heaven.

Withholding Hate:

In our journey as Radical Christians, we hold firmly to the belief that hate serves no purpose. It cannot mend, heal, or reconcile. Instead, it perpetuates division and suffering. We choose to withhold hate, replacing it with love, understanding, and the unwavering commitment to the betterment of ourselves and the world around us.

In Summary

To be a Radical Christian means to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ with unwavering devotion. It is a call to embody love, compassion, and forgiveness, extending these virtues to all corners of humanity, even in the face of darkness. Our mission is to live a life that mirrors the eternal message of God’s love, to help our fellow human beings, and to bring the kingdom of heaven closer to Earth through our actions. We invite you to join us in this radical journey of love and compassion—where every act is an expression of God’s divine love.