Who is Lazy? This is something we’ve always asked but never really wanted to know. Now you can find out before he becomes an NFT.

Trait Card πŸƒ

Format: Key Value Pairs

Trait Value
Name (Common) LazyCrazy
Age Unknown
Height Short-Average
Weight Average
Looks Average
Intelligence Smarter than most
Personality Lazy
Motivation Lazy
Ambition Lazy
Laziness Extreme
Mental Health Dual Diagnosis
Transmania Fleeting & Dysphoric
Transphobic false
Politics Leftist (non-vanguard, non-woke, non-violent)
Centrist Likely
Rightist false
Religion TBD, seeking
Atheist false
Pragmatism lvl 97/100
Sexuality Heterosexual, open to seeing any sex worker

Lazy’s Commentary on Identity πŸͺͺπŸ€ͺ

⚠️NoteπŸ“• In addition to the base statistics Lazy has qualities, there are nuances - though typically ignored. If you are curious read on.

Likes πŸ‘

Even if unpopular, here are the things that Lazy feels attracted to, passionate about given the energy to do so, or simply enjoys passively and lazily.

  • Blockquotes in HTML!
  • Software as a Service
  • Message Driven Architecture
  • Semantic data, RDF, Linked Data
  • Wiki sites
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Machine Learning & AI theory

Likes: Sex κŒ›πŸ’

Random Joke: ❓Why don’t Baptists have sex standing up? ❗️They don’t want anyone to think they are dancing!

Not bad at sex, but not great either

  • Prefers sex workers
  • Curious about boys and their wieners
    • Not easy to find, turns out

Dislikes πŸ‘Ž

  • Waste
  • Elon Musk

Dislikes: Money πŸ’°

Though Lazy dislikes money and doesn’t believe in the current currency policies of most countries (their capital decisions at their capitols and capitals rather) He…

  • Wants money
  • Needs, always, money
    • Needs: Your money

Dislikes: Working

  • Hates working (it’s a flawed concept, it is to obtain capital that is unfounded to feed back to the capitol of the country after it borrowed capital)
    • Looking for work, always
    • Looking to ==avoid working==, always

Who is our author? πŸ¦‰πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Partially crazy, always lazy, and 100% mystery pants with a side of shoes that don’t due to extreme bad luck.

Why is he here? 🀦🌐

See Why 4QQ? and also ask yourself - what else would you do if you were lazy, crazy and typically bored with a keyboard that has gotten you banned from all message boards?


This article is a #Stub and should be considered a living document, thus will be updated over time.

Random Lazy Tip πŸ§‘β€πŸ«β„ΉοΈŽ

Problem Statement You’ve cooked something in the microwave, the promise is that the microwave is the easiest way to prepare food and you can remain lazy. However, after your snack is done cooking you’ve opened the microwave to find that the food is hard to reach, it is sitting in the back of the microwave and it requires some effort to extend your reach to obtain the treat you’re waiting for. What do you do to solve this dilemma? Solution If your food is in the back of the microwave, just out of easy reach, the solution is actually very simple. All one has to do to avoid extending their arm, potentially even causing themselves to get tennis elbow, is to turn the microwave back on. That’s right, just turn the microwave back on for 3-4 seconds (depending on your unit) and the food will circle on the plate and you’ll be able to reach it much more easily.