Why are we here and why are you?

Lately, to be perfectly, to be perfectly honest I’ve been driven to do something. I am awake often, unsettled, unsure of what I’m doing or where I’m going. As I write this it cannot be understated that the whole world seems very much unsure of the next place we may be going. Uncertainty died two years ago, humans were growing very comfortable - now they mostly wander, wondering and hoping to figure things out.

To answer the question, why we are here, we have to consider how we got here externally before diving into or trying to understand the internal nature of things. We are over two years, currently, into a global pandemic that has upset almost every facet of life. Humans, however, do what they do best and pretend to not notice this has been trust upon them and we have begun to pretend not to notice.

Truthfully anyone paying attention can see how undone things have suddenly turned out to be and people themselves are quite unsettled. In what many would call an economic driver to people leaving their jobs across America, the American worker instead is second guessing their commitments in light of what life offers them otherwise. People are moving to make more money or to find better opportunities, however, listening closely you’ll hear feelings of discontent or even resentment for their current situations and a desire to upset life - as it were.

Personally, I want to be doing more too. As someone who was here for the earliest days of the web and being excited for what was to come for computing I look at this space and am excited but also “let down”. There are too many exciting possibilities that we let go to waste. My attempt here, in this shared and rented space that I share physically, virtually, metaphysically and almost voluntarily is to start building or espousing ideas to correct or other errata.

No Really - why?

Frankly, I seek the truth. What leaves myself and others unsettled is the missing understanding of what the truth really entails. Will you find that here? Absolutely not, only questions and some partial guesses at what one might consider an answer if they were to take a very limited view of things.

In fact, to pretend I would be able to answer this question myself - it would be a folly.

Though it is indeed bad form, I will only be able to leave it there for now and leave the reader to wait for more. Surely, watch this space and the site itself to have the topics and themes emerge. What I do not wish to do is to start suggesting the scope of this endeavor and either limit my own scope or begin to promise the reader more than was intended to become of this.

Until then, I will be here, listening to the reader and waiting for the next question.